ApiNara Thai Cuisine and Bar

A modern – classic Thai restaurant concept from Bangkok.

Set within a subtle contemporary façade and a luxurious wooden ambience reflecting Thai heritage found within the elegant houses of eras past, ApiNara is a modern Thai restaurant from Bangkok offering an impressive range of creative and delicate Thai dishes, both traditional and modern in nature. A bar element is featured in the concept serving classic as well as signature Thai inspired cocktails. This destination restaurant presents to it’s customers the highest levels of quality dishes, service and authentic flavours in an ambience of Thai elegance from yesterday seen and felt through the various orchid arrangements in blue and white porcelain, box lamps, slow turning fans and immaculate Thai service.

Thai cuisine, recognised as one of the most outstanding culinary creations in the world, traces it’s history back far into the past and has undergone numerous changes and adaptations. It nevertheless retains its distinctiveness which makes Thai food highly popular among dining connoisseurs and enthusiasts the world over.

ApiNara’s spicy lemongrass sea bass tingles all taste buds with a sharp combination of hot, sour, and sweet flavours, while the classic duck starter is given sweet-sour depth by a tamarind sauce. The massamun curry provides a slight fusion twist using lamb: a perfect marriage of aromatic herbs and spices-infused coconut milk with the tender juicy lamb shank, truly a dish to be savoured.

ApiNara brings together the tradition of complex flavours and ingredients of Thai cuisine in a subtle but contemporary environment.

The bar, although a part of the restaurant can function as a standalone offering creative beverages, signature cocktails and Thai inspired tapas.

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