Nara Thai Cuisine

Nara Thai Cuisine was founded in Bangkok, 2003 by a group of Thai entrepreneurs. Since then Nara has become renowned for serving authentic Thai dishes using age-old recipes with the highest quality ingredients providing a truly authentic Thai experience.
Voted as one of Thailand’s Best Restaurants since 2006, Nara Thai serves the best of Thai upscale home cuisine.
Nara Thai is renowned for it’s Ayuthaya Boat Noodles, an old recipe of thick brown broth flavoured with Anise and Cinnamon. Also Nara’s signature dishes include items such as Stir-fried Soft Shell Crab smothered in a thick aromatic yellow curry and the tantalizing Steamed Sea Bass with tangy chili lime sauce.
Nara Thai Cuisine if currently located in key areas of Bangkok and Singapore and is the perfect choice for an authentic Thai restaurant located in a busy freestanding location, city centre or shopping mall.

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